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Explore Barbados Immigration

"Discover your new home in paradise: Welcome to Barbados!"

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SINCE 2016

We have provided expert
Immigration Solutions

BorderPass Barbados is a premier Immigration Consulting Firm, providing a full range of Barbadian immigration Services.

Our professional immigration experts are committed to providing quality Immigration services to people from different jurisdictions with the desire to live and work or study in Barbados on a temporary or permanent basis.

People from around the world have chosen BorderPass Barbados for their Barbados Immigration needs because of our proven ability to build positive relationships with clients—and succeed. We bring compassion, active listening, and attention to detail to every interaction and put our heart into building your dreams.

Our vision is to empower individuals and families around the world to navigate the complex landscape of immigration with confidence and ease. We strive to be a leading immigration consultancy firm that provides exceptional guidance, personalized solutions, and unwavering support to our clients. Through our expertise and dedication, we aim to facilitate successful immigration journeys, enabling our clients to pursue their dreams, reunite with loved ones, and access new opportunities in a globalised world. With integrity, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving immigration policies, we are committed to building bridges, fostering inclusivity, and making a positive impact on the lives of those seeking a brighter future.


We are proud of our efforts and the 99.7% approval rating we have earned.


Less Stress. More Success.



Residential Immigration

Experience island living at its finest: Let us help you open doors so that you, your relatives and loved ones can make Barbados home.

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Business Immigration

Unlock new investment and career opportunities: Let us help you work and thrive in Barbados.

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Study in Barbados

Study in Paradise: Let us help you experience world-class education in Barbados

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Visit Barbados

Escape to paradise: Let us help you experience the beauty and culture of Barbados and make that dream a reality.

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Retire in Barbados

Live your golden years relaxing in Barbados: Let us help you retire in this tropical haven.

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Welcome Home: A place to belong, a place to become. Let us help you become a citizen of Barbados.

Borderpass Barbados, I want to retire in barbados

Extension of Stay

Extend your stay in paradise with ease - Let us help you enjoy the sun, sea, sand and festivities just a bit longer.

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Replacement Documents

Get back on track with our replacement document services.

Let us simplify your journey to Barbados with our efficient and reliable services.

Our Simple & Easy Process



Book a confidential appointment (via phone, video or in-person) for a detailed assessment  with a professional Immigration Consultant.



Based on your consultation, we will evaluate your eligibility and discuss your best path. You may then decide how you want to proceed.



Once you are ready to proceed, we will prepare, complete and submit your application to the Immigration Department.



We will keep you informed about the status of your application and provide you with the all of the decision documentation.

Get in contact with us today!

Contact us for more information about an application process, initial consultation or for assistance in preparing an application. 


What Clients Say

We highly recommend BorderPass. BorderPass came recommended to us by a friend who promised great service from them. They delivered on this and we would recommend them to anyone. They were prompt, helpful, knowledgeable and professional and was willing and able to answer any questions we had. Their support was a great comfort during the application process and after the permit was approved.
M. & J. Bettencourt
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