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Our Affiliate Program

Unlock Additional Income Opportunities with BorderPass Barbados Affiliate Program!

Are you a service provider specialising in post-immigration services?


Join the BorderPass Barbados Affiliate Program and capitalise on a lucrative opportunity to expand your business while assisting clients who have successfully obtained immigration approval.

As a trusted immigration consulting firm in Barbados, BorderPass Barbados has helped numerous individuals and businesses navigate the complex immigration process. Now, we're extending an exclusive invitation to service providers like you to join forces and deliver comprehensive post-immigration services to our clients.

Why Partner with BorderPass Barbados?

  1. Tap into a Targeted Market: By becoming an affiliate, you gain access to clients who have recently received immigration approval. These individuals and businesses are actively seeking services such as relocation assistance, legal support, financial planning, language classes, real estate services, and more.

  2. Trust and Credibility: BorderPass Barbados has built a reputation for delivering exceptional immigration services. As our affiliate, you benefit from our established brand credibility and the trust our clients have placed in us. This trust will help you attract clients and enhance your own reputation.

  3. Additional Revenue Stream: Earn generous commissions by providing your specialised post-immigration services to our clients. For every client you assist, BorderPass Barbados offers a competitive commission structure, ensuring you are rewarded for your expertise and efforts.

  4. Partnership and Support: As a valued affiliate, you become part of our network of trusted service providers. Benefit from our guidance, resources, and ongoing support to optimise your success in serving clients referred through the BorderPass Barbados network.

Join the BorderPass Barbados Affiliate Program Today!

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to grow your business and assist clients at a crucial stage in their immigration journey. Partner with BorderPass Barbados and expand your service offerings while increasing your revenue.

To learn more about our affiliate program and how to join, email us at We are excited to discuss the possibilities of our partnership and welcome you to the BorderPass Barbados affiliate network.

Unlock new avenues of success with the BorderPass Barbados Affiliate Program. Together, let's make post-immigration services a seamless and rewarding experience for our clients.

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